B. Lang "No Subject" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

heres a second video for Army veteran B. Lang of The Committee. he is currently overseas serving in his second tour of Afghanistan.




the "anti-drone" this is an abstract metaphor for a child being trained by society. take it and translate it however you want. this drawing was inspired by Visual Quote of the Day #58.

Visual Quote of the Day #58

this is dedicated to the DEDICATED.

this Visual Quote is a very basic way of saying something very complicated. was watching PressPausePlay and this quote popped in my head. I could go on forever about school and art, but this was the easiest way to say it.


B. Lang "Get Em" ft. Curt Crack (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

B.Lang and Curt Crack show you how real lyricists handle the beat.

Leondotcom: "a few months ago BLang hit me up from overseas in Afghanistan and told me that he was coming home for a short period of time and wanted to shoot a few videos. we hooked up a few weeks ago and shot a couple videos before he was shipped back out. currently B is overseas doing his thing. when he gets back from his second tour, watch for him and Curt Crack to be making some big noise."


J.White "Goin Insane" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

JWhite gives you a closer look at what its like living in Chicago.

dir by Leondotcom/MUDWING
cinematography by JoeMartinezJr


The Committee (FREESTYLE)

i linked up with THE COMMITTEE and shot a couple videos for the Gary natives B-Lang and Curt Crack. between shoots we had a little time to chill out, sip something and let the lyrics go. here you can see both of them giving us a quick freestyle. look out for their upcoming videos "No Subject" and "Get 'Em" dropping within the coming weeks


"Bottom Feeder" Illustration

"Bottom Feeder"
he lives in your sheets, and drinks from the sweat around your private areas. these bastards are usually born deep inside the pores of the skin. Once they hatch, they shed their dark gray skin which humans refer to as "black heads".

heres a timelapse sketch of "Bottom Feeder". (Done in SketchClub for iPad)


Christopher LeMark "MOTH" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

dir by Dartise (@Dartise)
edited/animated by Leondotcom/MUDWING (@MudWingMedia)

write up from youtube:
"As the title track of the M.O.T.H. album, Christopher LeMark explores the matters of the heart through a melodic track with a heavy drum kick. The overall message is that you should hold no regrets and be forgiving for all things, including your own habits and actions."

thanks for including me in on this one Dartise!


J.White "Goin Insane" (TRAILER)

Sneak peak into a powerful music video for JWhite's "Goin Insane". This visual will take a deep look into the mind of Chicago artist, J.White, and how he finds motivation to keep himself from Going Insane.

dir. by leondotcom/MUDWING